• A round group table
    Welcome! Let's start!
  • Table group chatting
    Talking trumps listening
  • A variety of stationery and course materials
    Different trumps same
  • Dominic's 4Cs Map
    Start designing your own courses - immediately!
  • Participants taking a gallery walk among their work results
    Explore collaboratively why and how TBR works
  • Sebastian's Map
    Present your course design, get valuable peer feedback
  • The window pane mnemnonic tool
    Create brain-friendly course designs
  • A participant extending his learning log
    Take your time to capture your personal learning log
  • Sabine's Map
    Tell us what you want to teach!
  • Participants teaching each other back what they've just learned
    Teaching back fosters deeper learning
  • Participants sitting in semi-circle
    Final circle, friendly and mutual support
  • Christine's Map
    It's fun to learn with like-minded people
  • A participant drawing his personal 4Cs map
    Efficient course design made easy
  • Lazaro's 4Cs Map
    This course is about your ideas, your story, your trainings!

You’re designing and delivering courses, workshops, seminars or training programs?

It’s getting easier now for you, and for many other trainers, coaches, teachers, Scrum Masters and professionals  deeply interested in adult learning.

Start creating more immersive, active and collaborative learning environments for your clients, as an activity within this training program! Learn and apply what cognitive neuroscience actually has to say about the ways all humans naturally and normally learn. And make the knowledge stick!

20ba91ee09-NewBkCoverHelp your clients get into the flow of learning and acquire sustainable knowledge: Training from the BACK of the Room! makes it easy for you and your clients to experience the joy of learning – in a way that makes knowledge stick. Designing and delivering courses has never been more effective and fun – Accelerated Learning at its best!

You’ll practice how to apply a proven, brain-friendly learning framework to your own ideas, your own topics, your own instructional designs. Best of all: you’ll collaborate with people who are every bit as excited as you about practicing all that!

This training program has been created by Sharon L. Bowman, based on her best-selling books ”Training from the BACK of the Room!” and “Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick”. We are proud to be the first to deliver it in several major cities of Germany, offering both English and German events covering the complete, original content.

Seeing is believing

Judge this training by its own standards. Your instructional designs will never look the same again – You’ll want to rush home and start working on your existing materials and topics immediately!

Separate myths from facts: what do we actually know about how the brain can take in, recall, and use knowledge more easily? Get to know the principles behind Training from the BACK of the Room! in a two-day learning workout that will leave you happily exhausted and eager to tackle your instructional challenges from a different point of view!

You will complete this training program by creating and refining your own concept, dealing with a subject of your choice. It’s straighforward, and deeply satisfying every single time: Training from the BACK of the Room! can be fine-tuned to any of your topics, regardless of complexity, class size, learning level, or time frame.

Sounds great? Check what you’ll get!