A short overview of Training from the BACK of the Room!

Chances are you’ve attended or even designed quite an amount of trainings in your life. Not all of them are created equal.

Trainings – the excellent, the not-so-bad, and the ugly ones

Let’s look at some experiences, from a learner’s perspective:

  • Ugly trainings are not about learning. They’re about covering topics. Their learning objectives feel quite off target: Appreciate what the trainer had to endure while preparing the training! Understand that the topic is very complex! Realize how much reading you’ve still got to do before you can create anything of value!
  • Not-so-bad trainings try to be about learning. Somehow, sadly, they wind up in entertainment and variety. You’ll get to know a lot of fun activities that were bundled, lacking a cohesive training structure to make them effective. What did we learn about the topic? Ummm… you forgot. But it was entertaining!
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    Great trainings are about your success!

    Great trainings are about learning, and it shows weeks before you even enter the classroom, because you already feel connected to the topic and to other learners. Time for your learning and for collaborative practice is maximized. Trainers keep their egos, their slides, and their companies in the background. You can’t wait to apply what you tried out, and you already have a plan for that.

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Course now available also in German!

NEW - Course is now also available in German, including all materials and activities!

NEW – Course is now also available in German, including all materials and activities!

Great news: finally this workshop is also available in German, with identical content! (Translated with kind permission by Sharon Bowman.)

If you book a German course…

  • … we’ll be speaking German throughout the day,
  • … you’ll obtain the workbook, all activities and all materials in German,
  • … and all slides will be in German, as well.

Sounds great? It’s available only here!

Still one thing to be wished for: We’re giving away two of Sharon Bowman’s best-selling books during the workshop, to help participants explore several topics even further, when they’re back home. Not required reading – however, we’d love to see a German publisher acquire the rights for a translation. Come on!