The language of all activities and course materials is as stated for the respective course instance. In general, the course (including all materials and activities) is available either in English or in German.

During the course, we’re handing out books by Sharon L. Bowman as a bonus. So far, those books have not been translated into German. They’re useful extensions, but in no way required reading during or before the course.

Sure! We’d be happy to create a great learning experience for you and your teams. To get in touch, just drop us a note using the contact form.

To put it in a nutshell: this course includes many collaborative activities involving several participants at a time, and it requires thorough preparation of the trainer. In the event of illness, or of other kinds of force majeure, it’d be plain disappointing to attend a course with an insufficient number of participants or to experience a trainer that were just a last-minute fill-in.

Please rest assured that our highest priority is a group of extremely satisfied participants. Pulling the “emergency break” is the last thing we’d want to resort to.