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What participants are saying

It’s great to meet and exchange ideas with lots of experts! The methods are easy to implement – I felt inspired to keep on researching, trying out and implementing.

Edith HollerTrainer, Coach, MediatorEdith Holler Consulting

I’ve already recommended the course to two people. We want to add more interactivity to our internal program for new coworkers.

Dr. Sebastian StammingerPrincipal ConsultantTNG Technology Consulting GmbH

Rolf knows his stuff. The simplicity he chooses to present every angle of the course hides a deep scientific explanation.

Lazaro WolfAgile Coach & Organisational TherapistRedRazor.co

Great opportunity to reflect on your trainings, and to work on them with like-minded trainers! Having finished this course, you’ll most likely start changing the trainings in your current portfolio.

Fabian SchillerAgile Coach & TrainerAgile Fab

Ideas and approaches you won’t find in traditional train-the-trainer workshops! A potpourri of activities engaging the whole group. You’ll hit the target interactively, collaboratively and in a well-structured manner.

Isabel CornicheConsultantDB Systel GmbH

This course has taught me how to deliver better trainings, making it easier for the participants to learn, and for me to stay in the background.

Heinz J. AignerAgile CoachDATEV eG

After this training you’re feeling cheerful, you’re bursting with ideas, holding a detailed concept of your own training in your hands. What more could you ask for?

Christine NeidhardtCoach, Trainer, Consultant

This course has a strong focus on participants’ needs – very compatible with competence-oriented training concepts.

Stefan ZumbrägelAgile Coach / Trainerit-agile

The course has taught me a lot, and that’s due to both the method and the trainers’ performance.

Christoph OberleCEOAeiforia GmbH

A great opportunity to focus on the participants, rather than on covering stuff! Training from the BACK of the Room! is a wonderful building block of a trainers’ curriculum, and it helped me to add more diversity to my toolbox.

Martin StröbeleAgile Innovation Coach

It’s amazing to see what’s possible in training and course design. Lots of things to do now, to deepen and to complement. And then of course: practice, practice, practice.

Matthias Patzakdigitalsparks.de

Truth is, I would rather not have our competitors discovering how AWESOME this course is…

Jose CasalKanban & Agile Coach / TrainerActinium Partners LLP, Actinium.io

So many ideas and creative sparks that stick and are applicable in everyday work.

Ines StuppacherValtech GmbH

The course is great. It was great to be a part of it and to experience many “a-ha” moments of discovery. In this course you not only learn about methods, but also about their background (what does a method actually do, what happens in the brain when I use a method…). I found that very valuable. It’s also great to learn the individual methods using exactly these methods: learning by doing 🙂 Rolf devoted a lot of time to answering questions, and the exchange with like-minded people was great!

Corina LohnertAgile Coaching / Scrum Master

Very inspiring, original, easily applicable content. Lots of joy, laughter and fun during this course. A theoretical background transformed into small, appealing bites, in a methodically and didactically sound way. Simply great!

Birgit KönigEducational Psychologist | Trainer | CoachKico Practice Vienna

Very entertaining 2 days, when the principles of brain-friendly training became our second nature – in a crystal-clear, logical and multisensory way. I can hardly wait to experience myself with this new mindset & to consciously integrate what I’ve learned into my workshops.

Suzan BerningerWirklichtWirklichtung

Thanks to Rolf (who has translated this course into German as well) I was able to fully focus on the content, without any language barrier. Being careful, open and appreciative he made it easy for me to introduce my own questions (also the critical ones). Besides that, I really enjoyed the exchange with my fellow trainers – and to benefit from their ideas & experience!

Veronika KotrbaCoach | CEOsinnvollFÜHREN GmbH

Training from the BACK of the Room! is a concept that will take your training to another level. Participants learn sustainably, because brain-friendly learning is the basis of the concept. Doesn’t only sound exciting – it really works!

Thomas VitzkyManagement + Learning facilitatormanage-yourself.rocks

Lots of new ideas and methods as takeaways – helps me to add an extra kick to my trainings.

Martin LehnerAgile AdvisorAccenture

This course is an important foundation stone for our trainers. It offers a plethora of ideas how to design trainings for specialists that are more exciting, effective and efficient.

Chris RuppGeneral ManagerSOPHIST GmbH

I feel inspired, at ease and liberated because Rolf took me out of my comfort zone and made it feel like an invitation.

Anja Steffenproject flourisher

Helps to make courses even more interactive, even when you think that’s impossible.

BenjaminScrum Trainerit-agile

This course will immensely expand your toolbox.

Karl JenkelEvolutionary Improvement EnablerAccenture

The perfect balance between theory and practical training!

Torben MadsenSenior Lean ManagerCompass Lean Academy, Denmark

Great, likeable trainer designing and delivering his trainings with a lot of passion!

Wolfgang WiedenrothKanban Trainerit-agile

I’ve learned a totally new approach to learning which can be adapted to every area. You don’t lose your time with boring, isolated learning sessions. It’s super-social and fun. I’ve never learned so much in two days!

Dominic KrimmerScrum MasterHolidayCheck

A valuable course for trainers! It opens up new perspectives and puts tools & activities into your hands that are based on a compelling concept. Moreover, this course is a lot of fun. I strongly recommend it.

Felix RüsselPartnerKegon AG

Powerful and sticky!

Michael MaiSenior Agile ConsultantValtech GmbH