I’ve learned Training from the BACK of the Room! from its creator Sharon Bowman. Sharon has been a professional speaker, author, teacher, and trainer for over forty years. She works with businesses and educational institutions that want to offer exceptional in-house training and professional development programs.

Sharon has recently begun to certify trainers and I was happy and honored to be among the first bunch.

While I’m owing all the brilliant concepts of Training from the BACK of the Room! to her, all mistakes, typos and deficiencies you’ll spot on this website are exclusively my own creations.

Rolf F. Katzenberger

“Why do we have goals? To make our eyes shine, that’s all!” – Benjamin Zander

Whenever I train or coach, I go for shining eyes and I team up with coaches and trainers who love to do the same. I get rid of outdated standards that just don’t cut it anymore. Insights, flow and learning depend on your courage!

That’s what a “pragmatic” does – stay curious, avoid doctrine, use what really works, keep learning and adopting better ways. My passion has become my mission: I’m helping teams, coaches and companies to establish pragmatic teamwork and to build momentum.

My main areas of work, workshops and training, as of today:

  • Hosting Change
  • Accelerated Learning, especially Training from the BACK of the Room!
  • The Art of Hosting (AoH), especially using Appreciative Inquiry (AI), World Café & Open Space
  • Solution Focus (SF) and Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

Please have a look at my main website pragmatic-teams.com, too!